Hi.  My name is Paul Mahan and I was born in central Arkansas in 1953.  My Father took a job with the US Forest Service and moved us to Fayetteville in 1960 so his 3 sons would have an opportunity for a college education.  His dreams came through and we all 3 graduated from the University of Arkansas and went on to successful careers in business.  My Father taught us the value of hard work and strong relationships build on trust and integrity.  With those foundations, I started my own company in 1977 in Bentonville, Arkansas.  From one employee to almost 300 people today, Outdoor Cap has been successful beyond my wildest dreams.  We have a wonderful team that acts with integrity and respects one another.  We built the company one customer and one day at a time.

I first met John Boozman when he opened his Optometry practice in Rogers, AR in the early 80’s.  I hit it off with Dr Boozman immediately.  He was a quiet man who shared the same values as my family.  Honesty, Integrity and he loved people and he worked hard.  Today, I am honored to have Senator Boozman represent us in Washington.  John is not a career politician but a man who has owned his own business and who has experienced firsthand the issues facing today’s business owners.  John does not believe that more government is the answer to all of our problems. Senator Boozman understands that God and family has been a cornerstone of the foundation of this great country that we have the privilege to live in.  He will fight for the sanctity of marriage and for our individual rights and freedoms.  John has the courage to stand up for us and for what he believes in.  It feels good to have people like John Boozman representing our interests in Washington D.C.