Thank you first for your prayers and support over the past weeks. Cathy and I are so incredibly grateful for the many emails, phone calls and letters we received. They truly have been inspirational to read during my recovery.

I am back in Washington and eager to get to work. As a member of the Veterans' Affairs committee I am focused on getting to the bottom of the mess at VA, fixing the problem and holding people accountable. Our veterans deserve better and I am committed to delivering that for them.

The Associated Press wrote a story this week about my return to work. I'm excited to be back to work for you. Please read the story below and share it with friends and family across Arkansas by forwarding this email and sharing it on social media.

Thank you again for support and continued interest in my efforts.


Boozman, back at work post-surgery, to run in ‘16

By The Associated Press

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — U.S. Sen. John Boozman of Arkansas returned to work on Monday after having emergency heart surgery in April, and said the procedure hasn’t changed his plans to seek re-election in 2016.

Back at his Washington office for the first time since the April 22 surgery, the freshman Republican senator told The Associated Press on Monday that he expects to run for a second term in two years and that his surgery hasn’t changed that.

“I’m planning on running, very definitely,” Boozman said. “I think because of the fact I’ve come through this so well, not only will I have a full recovery but these things really do make you take a little better care of yourself, so ironically, I think I’ll live a lot longer as a result of this happening.”

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