We share a belief that every human life is precious, so I want you to know that I am working to protect the most vulnerable of our society—the unborn.

Recently, I introduced the Parental Notification and Intervention Act, legislation designed to give parents in every state with the right to stop teen abortions. This bill will ensure that parents be notified at least four days in advance of any abortion to be performed on their minor daughter and gives them power to stop an abortion from being performed.

We need to work to promote an appreciation for the family and for all human life. Parents need to do what is best for their children and they need to be aware of decisions they make to protect them from a potential lifetime of guilt for having aborted an unborn child.

Our country is facing an epidemic of teen pregnancies, and as a result, an epidemic of teen abortions. It is time to act.

I know you agree that we must protect the lives of the unborn as they cannot defend themselves. Help us spread the word by sharing this blog with friends across Arkansas and our nation.

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