Election Day is near. While the focus of this past Monday night's final debate between Mitt Romney and President Obama was the very important issue of foreign policy, we must remember our number one priority--creating new, permanent jobs across the nation.

As I travel around Arkansas, people want to know one thing: “Where are the jobs?” Voters I speak with want to know what policies we are putting in place to create jobs and what we are doing to prevent our economy from falling back into recession.

That’s why fostering an environment where our job creators can thrive is critical.

My approach for creating new, permanent jobs includes:

• Real tax reform that reduces the tax burden of hardworking Arkansans while ensuring our economy grows.

• Reining in the wasteful spending favored by President Obama and the Democrats in Congress.

• Repealing Obamacare.

• Regulatory reform to roll back the Obama Administration's excessive job-stifling mandates and prevent bad ideas like the cap-and-trade and card check from becoming law.

• A new "all-of-the-above" energy policy that prioritizes domestic production of our oil and natural gas resources over dependence on foreign sources of energy.

• Opening new markets for Arkansas businesses by passing free trade agreements that increase our exports and create jobs at here at home.

These are all commonsense ideas that should have widespread support in Congress. I firmly believe that if given the right tools and circumstances, Americans can and will create good paying jobs for the people of Arkansas and our nation.

I’d love your feedback. So please consider leaving me a comment.

Thank you again for your continued interest in my efforts.