Yesterday, President Obama delivered what the White House is calling "a major speech on immigration reform." Unfortunately, the President has chosen to make his speech just another campaign speech, rather than trying to deal with the problem of immigration.

The American people strongly believe that before we can even consider how to handle illegal immigrants, we must secure our borders. That is why, I have consistently voiced my opposition to amnesty and will continue to vote against it in the Senate. Amnesty is simply not the answer. In Arkansas, our schools, hospitals and jobs are being compromised by the continued influx of illegal immigrants.

We simply cannot reward those breaking our laws. But we do need to enforce the laws we have. That's why the President's recent comparison of illegal immigrants, crossing the Rio Grande River, to those coming to Ellis Island was so disturbing. Those who came to Ellis Island did so legally. Those crossing the Rio Grande are breaking the law. There is no way to rewrite that history.

If we are going to get serious about this issue, we first need to secure our border. I want to hear what you think, please leave me a comment below.