I've received a number of questions about my position on Syria so I thought I would respond briefly here with my thoughts or better yet my questions for the President. First, I am pleased that President Obama is seeking Congressional approval for the use of force in Syria. With an issue as contentious as this, it is important to seek Congressional approval. It is also required by law.

With that said, I have a number of questions for the President and this administration before I cast my vote on Syria. They include: How will one limited strike be successful in ending Assad’s war against the Syrian people? What is the end game of military intervention? Who are our allies in this effort and which side are we on? And finally is this a prudent use of force?

The President needs to completely answer these questions if he wants to get the support of the American people. Until he does, I cannot support military intervention. I will keep you posted on Facebook and on my website as things develop so please check back frequently.