Remember the stimulus package and how it was going to create all of these new jobs?

Well it’s been more than three years since the passage of President Obama “stimulus” plan and predictably this approach of spending, borrowing and taxing hasn’t worked. Compounding the problem, the Obama-Reid-Pelosi team passed a health care law the American people didn’t want and have consistently promoted ideas like card check and cap-and-trade, more policies that further stifle job creation.

Consequently, Arkansas’s unemployment rate has hovered between seven and eight percent. That’s lower than the national average a real testament to Arkansas’s resourceful, small business owners but there are still too many Arkansans looking for work.

Our job creators have been forced to comply with unfunded mandates and pay higher taxes, resulting in layoffs and business closures. Job creation cannot happen in an environment of uncertainty.

What we need here in Arkansas and across the nation is a plan that will encourage investment in small business and provide investors with the predictability they need to make sound investment decisions.

- We need to rein in spending;

- We need to reform our tax code;

- We need to reduce regulatory burdens imposed by government agencies;

- We need to increase exports by passing pending free trade agreements;

- We need to create a comprehensive energy policy that allows us to use American resources and make us less dependent on foreign oil.

I am committed to fighting for this approach because in the end, this is the right way to create jobs.