Last week I voted no on the latest funding deal.  With our national debt reaching over $18 trillion dollars, the American people are demanding that Washington make serious efforts to rein in the out of control spending of the Obama Administration. 

Instead, both Houses passed a $1.1 trillion bill that grows the federal government and busts the budget caps with $50 billion in new spending.  

Even though this massive bill contained some provisions that I support because they will help Arkansans, I simply could not vote for legislation that contains such irresponsible spending. It's the same reason I voted against the budget agreement that was reached at the end of October.  We must show taxpayers that we are serious about reining in federal spending.  I’m running for reelection so that Arkansas families have a strong voice in Washington; one that does not bend on critical issues such as this, that are so important to the future or our children and grandchildren. 

I know reining in Washington's out-of-control spending is a top concern for you as well.  Help me continue this fight by becoming an active member of our campaign team now. Show your support here: