Without a doubt, the national results of Tuesday's election were extremely disappointing for Republicans. However, the results here in Arkansas give us a reason to feel positive about all our work. Republicans won all the Congressional seats, and for the first time since Reconstruction, we will have a majority in the state Senate. I look forward to the great reforms our party will bring to Arkansas.

Celebrate Flag Day

Jun 14 2012

This year as we celebrate Flag Day with picnics and parades and special ceremonies, I hope you will take a few minutes to give thanks for our Flag and all that it means to us and to also thank the greatest military the world has ever known for all that they do to keep that flag flying.

I’ve shared the results of our National Agenda survey below. Thank you to the over 2,000 supporters that participated!

2012 National Agenda Survey Results:

Jobs: Which in your opinion of the problems listed below has hurt job creation the most?

(1 = Greatest impact and 4 = least impact)

Excessive Regulations: 1

Threat Of Higher Taxes: 3

Higher Gasoline Prices: 4

Obamacare: 2

Additional Questions:

Do you support the full repeal of Obamacare?

Yes 77% No 8% Undecided 15%

Do you support the Obama administration's decision to stop enforcing the Defense of Marriage Act?

Yes 16% No 62% Undecided 22%

Do you support a Balance Budget Amendment to the US Constitution?

Yes 86% No 11% Undecided 3%

Should federal funds be provided to non-profit organizations whose primary function is conducting abortions?

Yes 6% No 85% Undecided 9%

Do you believe that the Keystone XL Pipeline is a vital part of our efforts to reduce our dependence on hostile regimes for our energy needs?

Yes 74% No 15 % Undecided 11%

Do you support the calls for Congress to audit the Federal Reserve?

Yes 81% No 6% Undecided 13%

Do you believe the United States should withdraw from Afghanistan?

Yes 35% No 41% Undecided 24%

Would you support a full investigation of the Fast and Furious program run by the Obama administration Justice Department?

Yes 71% No 14% Undecided 15%

Did you support the Obama administration's involvement in Libya?

Yes 35% No 22% Undecided 43%

Should the United States re-evaluate our foreign and military aid to Pakistan?

Yes 65% No 21% Undecided 14%

How would you rate the commitment of the Obama administration to securing our southern border with Mexico?

Very Strong 7% Weak 75% Balanced 10% Undecided 8%

Well it’s been more than three years since the passage of President Obama “stimulus” plan and predictably this approach of spending, borrowing and taxing hasn’t worked. Compounding the problem, the Obama-Reid-Pelosi team passed a health care law the American people didn’t want and have consistently promoted ideas like card check and cap-and-trade, more policies that further stifle job creation.