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It's called a "slippery slope" argument, an over-used form of reasoning that suggests one course of action will lead to others undesirable or perhaps calamitous. When an idea presented isn't necessarily easy to argue against, it's sometimes too tempting to imagine all sorts of unacceptable trajectories that will be irretrievably launched by the decision at hand.

People use the slippery slope all too often. We don't recommend it, because once it's employed, it leads to all sorts of negative consequences for ... wait a minute ... doh!

What’s the point?

Kudos to the Fayetteville Veterans Home for the work behind recent high marks for the facility.

Yes, yes, it's easy to slip down that slope, but sometimes for good reason.

U.S. Sen. John Boozman got a legislative victory the other day when the Department of Veterans Affairs bill cleared Capitol Hill. Boozman, Arkansas' senior senator, proposed a legal change to broaden the definition of the term "veteran."

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