Balanced Budget and Economic Prosperity

 As a former small business owner and cattle rancher, John knows what it means to make tough choices and live within a budget.  Regretfully, the political establishment in Washington does not.

Our national debt is at $13 trillion, and our government is growing and spending as if it did not exist. With each new entitlement program, federal handout, unfunded mandate, and pork-barrel spending initiative, our nation moves one step closer to insolvency.  The path we are on is unsustainable.  

“At every turn, this Administration has thrown money away while dramatically growing the size of our government.  President Obama and his allies in Congress cannot seem to grasp what Arkansans have been saying for years: We cannot borrow and spend our way to prosperity.” – John Boozman

John understands this reality.  He recognizes that America’s current economic recovery and future prosperity requires fiscal responsibility and a balanced budget.  John knows that it is wrong for one generation to saddle the next with a mountain of government debt, and he believes that you do not create jobs by levying new taxes on small businesses and American families. 

“Arkansans don’t spend beyond our means. Our government should not either.  We need to balance the budget, stop the runaway spending, and invest in Arkansas’s future, not burden our children with mountains of debt.”

John is fiscally responsible and has a commonsense conservative record to prove it:

-  Supports a Balanced Budget Amendment to the Constitution.

-  Supports line-item veto authority to strip wasteful spending form bills.

-  Opposes the $787 billion stimulus bill.

-  Supports a full audit and new transparency requirements for the Federal Reserve.

-  Supports a full repeal of the $2.5+ trillion health care reform bill.

-  Opposes cap-and-trade, new energy taxes, and relevant EPA regulations that destroy jobs, hinder America’s competitiveness abroad and drive up utility and energy costs for middle class families.

-  Supports financial regulatory reform that protects taxpayers, eliminates bailout funds, reduces the government’s role in mortgage lending, and treats community banks fairly.

-  Returned over $1 million of his Congressional Office budget back to taxpayers.


As Senator, John will continue his fight for financial responsibility and work to provide the tax relief, government reform, and pro-growth policies that Arkansas’s businesses and families need to prosper.