It’s the private sector that creates jobs, not Big Government. This is a fundamental economic rule that John lives by and knows firsthand as a small businessman who helped create over 80 jobs in his clinic.

As a small business owner for 24 years, John knows the struggles it takes to get a business off the ground, meet payroll and create jobs. Increasing government mandates is counter-productive when seeking to empower small businesses.

“Given the right tools and circumstances, small businesses can and will create good paying jobs for the people of Arkansas. In order to foster that environment, policymakers must promote tax cuts and encourage growth and innovation—not stifle it.” – John Boozman

John strongly opposes the Obama Administration’s anti-market, pro-big government legislation including Cap and Trade, Card Check, the stimulus plan and the Cash for Clunkers program.

Government intrusion only hurts small business and the private sector as a whole. John has fought the Obama Administration’s policies that do little to create and sustain jobs. They kill job creation in the private sector.

“The government cannot wave a magic wand and create jobs. Sustained economic growth has to come from the private sector. At every turn, Obama-Pelosi-Reid have stunted job growth by imposing mandates on businesses that stifle innovation and expansion. I will continue to fight their job killing agenda in the U.S. Senate.” – John Boozman

Arkansans are tired of the Administration’s attempts to borrow and spend our way back to prosperity with the same old regulate, tax and spend policies. John will fight for market-based responses to our nation’s economic challenges—solutions that empower consumers, create competition, and expand individual liberty.

In order for us to get Arkansas’s economy back on the path to prosperity, John will focus on several key issues as your next U.S. Senator: 

Tax Reform: It is hard for a small business owner to invest in their business and create jobs if they are concerned about the negative impact the Obama Administration’s overbearing mandates will have on their bottom line. John will work to reduce the corporate income tax, provide tax incentives for investment, eliminate the death tax, and suspend capital gains tax and payroll taxes. 

Workforce Training: Arkansans personify a strong work ethic, so we need to make sure they have every opportunity to compete in today’s workforce. If we are going to attract world-class companies to locate their manufacturing and production facilities here in Arkansas, we must provide them with the workforce of tomorrow. John will fight to ensure that every Arkansan who seeks higher education has access to the resources they need to reach their goals. 

International Trade: We must level the playing field with America’s trading partners. Arkansas’s businesses and manufacturers must be able to compete in today’s global marketplace. As your next U.S. Senator, John will push to open new markets for Arkansas’s products and eliminate the significant competitive disadvantage our country currently faces with our international trading partners.