Protecting Family Values 


No government program, welfare agency or school initiative can effectively substitute a strong, stable family.  As a father of three, John understands that the family, not the government, is the backbone of American society.  He recognizes the pressures Arkansas families face and has worked hard to pass meaningful pro-family legislation in Congress.  John has worked to advance cleaner public airwaves and broadcast decency, religious expression in the public sector, and welfare reform that promotes, not discourages, marriage.  Moreover, John firmly believes that marriage is defined as a union between one man and one woman and opposes any efforts to amend or alter it.  

“Strong, traditional American values have delivered our nation through so much. They should be embraced, not abandoned.” - John Boozman



The way we treat the voiceless and most powerless among us speaks volumes of our priorities and values as a society.  From the child in the womb to the hospitalized senior to the disabled young child, John understands that we share moral responsibility to respect the dignity of all human beings—regardless of their political clout in Washington.

John is proudly pro-life.  He believes the 1973 Supreme Court ruling in Roe v. Wade was wrongly decided and must be overturned.  As Congressman, he has fought all legislative efforts that use taxpayer dollars to fund abortions, both through domestic healthcare initiatives and through foreign aid.  John has led the fight to end partial birth abortions; vigorously supported legislation to stop the transportation of minors across state lines to skirt parental notification laws; and authored legislation that strengthens parental notification laws and grants parents the power to stop an abortion involving their minor daughter.  Moreover, he has pushed to strengthen the right of conscience for medical providers who object to abortions, and has worked to expand awareness, facilitate the process, and increase funding for adoption.  John has a 100% rating from the National Right to Life.

“Respect for life is one of our nation’s core values.  Policies that run counter to it are the last thing that we should be spending taxpayer money here or abroad.  I will stand up to the Administration’s ongoing attempts to erode the fragile protections we have in place for the unborn.” – John Boozman



The role of the Supreme Court of the United States is to interpret and defend the Constitution, not reinvent it each time it convenes for a case.  John understands this distinction and will oppose the confirmation of any Supreme Court nominee who does not.

From marriage, life, and school prayer, to FCC regulations, adoption, and religious freedom issues, liberal activist judges, not elected officials, are deciding some of the most critical policy issues of our day.   This runs counter to what our Founders envisioned.  Our legislators, elected by the public, create policy—not the judiciary.  The current Administration would rather circumvent this principle by appointing activist judges to the bench.

I am committed to ensuring that only qualified justices, who have a track record of respecting and defending the Constitution, make their way to the federal bench to preside over these critical cases.” – John Boozman