As a doctor and a small business owner for over 25 years, John knows firsthand the difficulties patients, physicians and hospitals are going through when it comes to accessibility and affordability of healthcare services.

“As a former small business owner and a healthcare provider, I understand how to approach the challenge of lowering the crippling costs of quality health care and create access for all Americans without stifling economic development. The government takeover forced upon the nation by the Obama Administration is not the answer.” – John Boozman

John has Fought Obamacare From the Start and Will Fight to Repeal it & Replace it

John supports healthcare reform that gives Arkansans and all Americans access to quality and affordable care. But, he realizes that a government takeover is not the answer.

Spending over $1 trillion of your money, Obamacare breaks the bank, raises your taxes, increases premiums, opens the door to a government takeover of our personal and private health care choices and cuts Medicare programs without doing anything to contain costs.

The new government mandates in Obamacare threaten jobs, reduce wages and stunt economic growth. Plain and simple, Obamacare is a job killer.

By not specifically blocking federal funding for abortions, Obamacare undermines our nation’s culture of life. The Hyde Amendment, as it is commonly known, explicitly bars the use of federal funds for abortions. Since its passage, it has been—and must remain—the law of the land. This is an issue where we cannot waver.

“I listened to your concerns on Obamacare, fought for you in Washington and voted against this bill. But the Senate has let you down. Arkansas did not have a voice in that Chamber willing to stand up to Obama-Pelosi-Reid and tell them NO. I will be that voice and that fighter for you in the Senate and pledge to work toward repealing and replacing Obamacare.” – John Boozman

John Supports the Right Reform

As a former optometrist, John knows that the patient-provider relationship is essential and that bureaucrats should not be the ones making decisions on your health needs.

Growing his clinic from a staff of 5 to 85, John knows employers must have the ability to offer their employees health care at low prices and should not be in fear of government mandates. Arkansans must be able to access the care they need at a price they can afford.

As a member of the U.S. House GOP Doctors Caucus, John has worked to advance real free-market healthcare reform that give Arkansans more control over their money and treatment while driving down the cost of care and preserving the doctor-patient relationship.

“Healthcare reform should be enabled through free market principles. Let’s open up competition by allowing people to buy insurance across state lines. Let’s allow small businesses to pool their resources to get the best health care plans for their employees. These are common-sense policies that will bring real reform to our health care system without crippling our economy.” – John Boozman

John supports the expansion of Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) and Flexible Spending

Accounts (FSAs) so people have more control over their money and their treatment. His is for reforming our medical malpractice laws to end frivolous lawsuits that drive up the cost of care.

 “Until our system is accessible to all citizens of this country, no matter their economic status, it will never truly work. I am committed to healthcare reform that gives people the freedom they need to ensure their own wellbeing.“ – John Boozman