As a former cattle rancher, John knows agriculture is more than a business. It is a way of life. Supporting Arkansas’s farmers, ranchers, foresters and related service industries has always been at the top of his priority list and will continue to be in the future.

When it comes to supporting Arkansas’ agriculture community, John’s commitment to Arkansas’s farmers and ranchers is second to none.

John supports:

Limited Government Intrusion: In the U.S. House, John stood up against efforts to implement intrusive government programs like a national animal identification system and destructive policies like “Cap and Trade.”

“’Cap and Trade’” is a radical policy that would drive up the cost of gas and energy devastating our farmers and rural communities. Arkansas’s farmers can’t afford someone who won’t stand up for them in the U.S. Senate.” – John Boozman

As the ranking member of the U.S. House of Representatives Transportation and Infrastructure Subcommittee on Water Resources, John has led the fight against an unprecedented expansion of the Clean Water Act that would make it nearly impossible for farmers to make a living.

“No one has a more vested interest in protecting our natural resources than those whose livelihood comes from the land. They know how to care for it better than the bureaucrats in the EPA.” – John Boozman

Expanded Tax Reform for Agriculture: Tax reform is essential to saving agriculture jobs, promoting job creation, and protecting family farms. John supports a decrease in the capital gains tax and suspensions of federal pay roll taxes that will allow Arkansans to keep more of what they earn, create new jobs, and reinvest in agribusiness.

“Killing the ‘Death Tax’ would be a huge victory to protect family farms, respect property rights and encourage future generations to continue farming.” – John Boozman

Implementation of the Farm Bill: We are already in a crisis as a result of our dependence on foreign sources of oil. It is imperative that we never become dependent on foreign sources of food. The Farm Bill ensures that Arkansas’s family farms are able to compete in the global agriculture economy. It protects us from becoming dependent on foreign products for our food supply by enabling our farmers to compete in a heavily subsidized global marketplace. John will protect the delicate compromise of the Farm Bill through future authorizations.

“The Farm Bill is a contract we have made with Arkansas’s agriculture community and I will not break that pact.” – John Boozman

New Markets for Arkansas’s Commodities: John supports ratifying our remaining trade agreements with nations like Colombia, South Korea, Panama and Peru, because without markets where American businesses can sell their products, they can’t be successful.

“ Expanding trade agreements save Arkansas agribusinesses billions of dollars in tariffs and export fees over time. I will fight to open up new markets for Arkansas’s agriculture community and eliminate the competitive disadvantage created by unfair trade relationships.” – John Boozman