Get The Truth On The Fair Tax

Tax Relief for All Arkansans

John Boozman has the strongest record of any candidate in this race when it comes to supporting tax relief for Arkansans. And, he is the only candidate in this race who has signed a pledge not to raise taxes and who will fight for a full extension of the '01 and '03 tax cuts.

Our current income tax system is fundamentally flawed and in need of a complete overhaul. Today’s tax code is unfair, discourages against savings and investment, and is impossibly complex. The recent expansion of the federal government that President Obama and his allies in Congress have undertaken have only made matters worse.

“As small businessman I know firsthand how vital small businesses are to our economy. I have worked to pass economic policies that help Arkansas’ small businesses continue to grow and add jobs to our state’s economy.” – John Boozman

The government has a responsibility to preserve and promote an economy that encourages the private sector to create jobs by increasing productivity and innovation. We cannot borrow and spend our way to prosperity. John supports a tax system that encourages productivity, not one that penalizes it.

“The key to true economic success is empowering individuals and families by allowing them to keep more of their hard earned money.” – John Boozman

As a Congressman, John has consistently fought efforts to reduce the tax burden on Arkansans by supporting tax relief, targeting waste and fraud, and helped stop abuse of your tax dollars. These efforts have helped John earn a score of 95% with Americans for Tax Reform.

“I want to continue the fight I started in Washington by fighting for balanced budget, permanent tax relief and by opposing the Obama agenda of growing government at your expense.” – John Boozman

Balance the Budget: Federal spending is out of control. Waste and fraud is rampant in the federal government and it is the citizens that are paying the price. It is estimated that over 41 cents of every dollar the federal government spends is borrowed money. We cannot continue to operate at this pace.

“This is your money, not the government’s. The Obama administration cannot continue to add billions to our already staggering deficit. I will demand a balanced budget amendment to our Constitution to stop they government from spending beyond our means.” – John Boozman

Make Tax Cuts Permanent: John is committed to ensuring the health of our economy, by making the tax relief permanent. Failing to make President Bush’s tax cuts permanent would result in a tax increase of $354 Billion in 2011 and 2012. This would be devastating to low-income taxpayers and married couples with children. Low-income taxpayers would see a 50% increase in their taxes as the lowest tax bracket would move from 10% to 15%.

“We must make permanent reductions in the individual income tax rates for capital gains and dividends to protect our economy and ensure more money stays in the pockets of the people that earned, not the politicians that want to spend it.” – John Boozman

John supports a permanent repeal of the estate tax. This tax weakens our economy and hurts farmers and small businesses (our nation’s top employers and job-creators). He has fought this battle on the house floor and will continue to do so in the Senate. The estate tax is devastating to America’s future economy and repealing it is a necessary step toward strengthening our economy.

Fight Against Tax Hikes: The American people are being over-taxed. They are working harder than ever, but taking home less of their money because the federal government continues to tax productivity and handicap American workers. Raising taxes is not the answer.

“The greatness of our country is not in our government, it’s in our people. I have no doubt if there is a challenge – great or small, whatever it is—the American people will rise to the challenge and meet it at every turn.” – John Boozman