Ricky F. Young

Retired Army National Guard 142nd FA
Former Sebastian County CVSO

"John Boozman has always been supportive of the veterans in Arkansas.
He has been a great help with veteran's benefits and issues, and is a great voice for us in Washington."



Ed L Haynes

Fort Smith, AR
Fmr SP3 US Army

"You bet I support the reelection of Senator Boozman.  I can think of many great reasons for feeling this way but, the Senator's always dependable support of our military and National Guard should be important to everyone. I have always placed him high on my list of rare politicians, who can always be counted on to support and maintain a strong military in the name of peace.  He has worked to support vital military budgets and fought against attempts by President Obama to slash the budget and down size our military, in the face of enemies who grow stronger. All Arkansas Veterans should give the Senator a loud and sincere "well done" even though the mission is ongoing."


Nancy Stokes

President of the NWA Women Veterans
Retired USPS Postmaster and
A 14 year E-6 veteran of the United States Army and Army National Guard

"I was the first female in Kuwait and the second in Iraq during Desert Storm.  I see first-hand the work and voting record that Senator Boozman has and how he helps the military and veterans.  Senator Boozman will help stomp out the troubles that we have with ISIS and other terrorists and foreign fighters.  He voted to halt the acceptance of refugees from Syria and Iraq until they could be checked out and are safe to enter this country. 

I have tracked his work voting record and Senator Boozman is a man that really cares about this country, Arkansas and the veterans.  He is a quiet person but works hard to keep veterans treated fairly.  He keeps veterans close to his heart and his staff will always help you with any veteran affairs agency.  He is a man that will listen to what you have to say and will always do what is best for Arkansas and the United States. 

Just want to thank you sir for all your hard work."



Phil Bunch

Col Retired
Arkansas Air National Guard

"I just wanted to drop you all a note about the support that Senator Boozman has always shown for those of us in the military.  He and his office have made themselves available to help with any problem or issue that has been presented to them.  I have many friends who have contacted Senator Boozman for help in various situations and he has always made the time to respond and provide any assistance that he could.  Every time I have contacted him, even through email, he or someone from his office has responded.  As a veteran, I am glad to have a senator such as John Boozman to represent me and look out for our interests.  Thanks for all you do."