You Can Count On Me In 2016

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You can count on me in 2016

Can I count on you in 2016?  Just sign on to let me know that you will stand with me in the coming election.

A supporter of Senator Boozman

You bet I support the re-election of Senator Boozman.

I can think of many great reasons for feeling this way but, the Senator's always dependable support of our military and National Guard should be important to everyone. I have always placed him high on my list of rare politicians, who can always be counted to support and maintain a strong military, in the name of peace.

He has worked to support vital military budgets and fought against attempts by this president's budget slashing and down sizing, in the face of enemies who grow stronger. All Arkansas Veterans should give the Senator a loud and sincere "well done" even though the mission is on going.

Ed L Haynes
Fort Smith, AR
Fmr SP3 US Army