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  • Nov, 19 2016
    Small businesses are the backbone of our economy. They account for 55 percent of all jobs in our economy and have provided 66 percent of all new jobs in the U.S. since the 1970s. Read More
  • Nov, 13 2016
    Recently, the second-most powerful court in the country ruled that the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) had been structured in an unconstitutional manner. This ruling is an important step toward protecting consumers and community banks that are such an integral part of our economy. The CFPB was created by the Dodd-Frank legislation passed by the Democrat-controlled Congress and signed into law by President Obama in the wake of the financial crisis that began in 2008. While there was clearly a need to reform aspects of the financial services industry, CFPB and other executive agencies have issued heavy-handed regulations that have harmed community banks and hindered economic growth. Read More
  • Nov, 07 2016
    Hebert ‘Lucky’ Page earned his nickname during a WWII battle in the Pacific after he was thought to have been killed in action and placed with the remains of deceased Marines. “I woke up and I was on the ship. I thought I was blind. I couldn’t see,” Page said. “They were cleaning my eyes out and I asked what happened to me. They said some Marines were walking by the dead Marines, and they heard me moaning so they pulled me out. They had pulled my dog tags, so they didn’t have a name for me. The doctor who was working on me said I was lucky.” Read More