Northwest Arkansas Democrat Gazette:

The Republicans are going to need every vote they can get in the U.S. Senate in the next term, and John Boozman is a reliable one. No matter what the Democrats would tell you in their ads, he's not a time-server. He's on the Ag, Nutrition and Forestry and Veterans Affairs committees, takes a hard line on ISIS and border security, and would be a valuable vote in opposing any expansion of Obamacare, which Hillary Clinton promises to "improve" and expand. John Boozman is one of those rare politicians who, when he speaks, raises the level of public discourse instead of lowering it. In fact, the only time we can remember the man lighting into somebody was when Ted Cruz was, again, trashing his fellow Republicans. But even that chewing out came in a closed-door meeting, and not before the microphones.

According to John Boozman, "nothing short" of a full elimination of Iran's nuclear program should be considered a victory for the United States. And he says he wants to reduce the regulatory burdens that small businesses face. Again, Hillary Clinton promises to increase them.

Arkansas' voters can't do much about what will happen to Senate seats in Florida, Illinois, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. But they can do a small part on Nov. 8 to save the Senate from becoming a rubber-stamp operation: Re-elect John Boozman.

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