Arkansas Online

It was only fitting and proper that so close to Memorial Day we the living should honor a child who was among the dead at the notorious Mountain Meadows Massacre. His or her remains need to be with the rest of the family in Utah, where they were all slaughtered by a mixed band of Mormons and American Indians.

That was 150 years ago. The mills of justice may turn slowly, but they still grind exceedingly fine. And the senior U.S. senator from Arkansas, the Hon. and honorable John Boozman, is doing his best to make sure they keep turning, even if he has to introduce special legislation to see that they do.

It was Patty Norris who reached out to Senator Boozman and found him more than receptive. Which speaks well of both of them and all of those who joined them in resolving that these dead shall not have died in vain, however long it might take to do justice to their memory and revive the country's. But will this reunion of child and family take place in death so long after they were together in life?

"I think it's likely to happen," says Senator Boozman, "because it's the right thing to do. It's the common sense thing to do. I think we've got a very, very good chance of having this young child laid to rest with the rest of her family." In a lovely mountain meadow that already has been declared a National Historical Landmark.

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