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By Charlie Edward

They're veterans that sound like life-long friends, but they didn't know each other until years after their deep-sea tales occurred.

The submarine service made up only 1.6 percent of Navy personnel during World War II, but it suffered a whopping casualty rate of almost 23 percent. These submarine vets of Northwest Arkansas fought in different wars, but the way they talk to each other, it seems they go back years.

They don't.

Brought together by U.S. Submarine Veterans Inc, they`ll ride a float together in the Fort Chaffee Parade on Saturday (Nov. 11).

"We`re looking at a neighborhood of probably 16-18 submarine vets riding that float tomorrow," submarine veteran Pete Rathmell said.

The float they will ride is modeled after a World War II submarine, the USS Snook.

The 5th annual Chaffee Crossing Veterans Day Parade will start at 11 a.m. (Nov. 12) with Senator John Boozman awarding medals to three Arkansas veterans. The parade will follow.